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Why Do Bullies Mess With Others?
While All They Can Do Is Mutter
People Wonder Why They Aren't Nice
When We All Know Their Hearts Are Like Ice
Most People Think They Want Attention
When All They Bring In The Room Is Tension
People Always Act Like Them
Even Though They Lose Friends
They leave Their Old Friends Out In The Cold
Out There All Alone
You May Think That You Rule
But All You Do Is Act Like A Mule
I love the last part XD .....
this is how I felt in elementary school until 4th grade when i foundmy real friend Vanessa... She was able to help me make friends.... in 6th grade we fought and were no longer friends.... although after a while she asked if we wanted to be friends again just not best friends like before and i agreed.... I <3 and miss you vanessa!!!!
Heart Heart Heart Hug Heart Heart Heart 
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November 7, 2013
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